Liudmila Kalinka

From Concept to Acceptance

March, 2023

We experience the world through concepts, except for the moments of clarity.

From words and concepts, a dual world is formed in which we live. Only our continuous sense of the experience of knowing the perception of the world through feelings, thoughts and sensations remains unchanged. We can name the feelings and thoughts as an energy passing through us. This work reflects this energy movement that occurs within us.

Liudmila tries to capture the energy movement going through her at the moment of creation of her work and translate it into colours and shapes. She creates her work from free mind by going into ultimate, complete silence, and letting go of the restrictions of our conceptual system. She allows the arising energy to go through her: she doesn’t resist it, which helps its acceptance. The feelings, or thoughts, are appearing, existing and vanishing in this way.

Every moment we experiencing nothing else but the knowledge of our particular experience. And the only means we use to describe reality is consciousness of our experience. Everything else is just an abstraction. As such, the work avoids any concepts or labels. Artist doesn’t want to dive deep in the world of various belief systems, because over time, one concept, or what was believed to be true, changes to a new one that seems to be more correct. It is just a game of our minds. Liudmila wants to go beyond the mindset of trying to purposefully create her works and let the work to be freely created through her.

Her work accepts the energy movement that arises in us, without resisting nor judging anything, but simply observing it. As such, the energy flow exists for a moment and then vanishes. Simply letting this process to follow in such way would help lessen any tension and bring more clarity into our life, which would bring more feelings of joy and peace.

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